Delegating + Receiving Help

No two wedding days are ever quite the same. You get to be creative when it comes to choosing your colors, dress, music, scriptural readings…and so much more. From our perspective, the day should be an authentic reflection of the two of you and glorify God.

However, you don’t have to carry the weight of doing every task on your own. Having a team to help will save you time and stress in the long run. This could be formal like hiring a wedding planner or by rallying your parents and wedding party to support you throughout the planning process.

Adding your personality into the wedding day is one of the fun parts about wedding planning.

If you have people traveling in from out of town and want to roll out the red carpet, put someone in charge of picking up VIP guests from the airport.

Airport Pick-up:

Gather a group of friends to assemble the invitations and stamp them to send. This could be an extra chance for your wedding party to get to know one another prior to the big day! If you have other crafts or DIY projects you can recruit them for this too!

Assembly Help:

Put someone in charge of researching a particular item and narrowing down the list so that you can focus on choosing between three options instead of a thousand options across the internet.


Here are some ideas of ways you can delegate:

Don't just save music for the dance floor! Have one of your wedding party members put together a music playlist that you can jam out to while you're getting ready or traveling between locations.

Wedding Day Playlist:

A maid of honor or family member can help you out at your bridal shower and gift opening events by writing down the gifts you receive and who they are from to make thank you notes easier.

Gift Note Taker:

Some venues will take care of a lot of setup logistics and other ones expect you to do the heavy lifting. Assigning a crew to be in charge of setting up the reception venue and cleaning up afterwards will take a lot of stress off of you.

Venue Setup/Clean-up:

Finding tasks to delegate and do together is a great way of making them feel included, even if they don't have a formal role in the day.

So many friends are excited for you and simply want to be involved in the process. 

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