Hair, Makeup + the Dress

While they may cost extra, trials are very much WORTH IT! We want you feel like yourself on your wedding day albeit a dressier version of it!

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Hair Trial

tips for your hair trial:

  • Bring your veil and earrings to the trial. Especially if you are a visual person this will really help you envision how your hair will look on the wedding day!
  • Schedule your hair trial for the same day as your final dress fitting, if possible. This allows you to go a step further than the veil to see the whole ensemble coming together and decide if you want to make any further style adjustments.
  • Get direction for placing the veil. If you get your hair done earlier in the day you might not have your hair stylist with you when it is time to put the veil in on the wedding day. Be sure they give instructions to your maid of honor, mom, etc. so that it gets placed properly!

Bring photo examples to your trial to ensure you and the makeup artist are on the same page for what style you’d like!

bring photo examples


There are a lot of makeup STYLES and knowing what you want in advance of hiring a professional is key. Do you want a softer, more natural look or do you want something that’s bolder and a bit more glam? Keep this in mind when looking for professionals and look closely at what examples they show in their portfolio which can be an indication of if they specialize in one or another.

know your style


Give honest feedback to your makeup artist! You are paying for this and should be able to get the look you feel comfortable in. Confidence really is the best accessory! So if you want a different lip color, a different way of doing your eye makeup, a different way of enhancing your eyebrows, etc. tell them!

give honest feedback


Schedule your makeup trial for the morning of your engagement session so that you have examples of how it photographs on camera! The earlier in the day you schedule your trial the sooner you can fix anything that felt out of place and get it perfect.

schedule for before your engagement session


Makeup in particular can give a very polished and more flawless look to the photos from your wedding day. It should accentuate your already natural beauty and not distract from it!

makeup tips

Our top recommendations of things to do at your final dress fitting:

final dress fitting & alterations

  • Garments & Accessories: Bring and try on all undergarments you plan to wear on your wedding day! Body shapers, bras, shoes, veil, jewelry, etc. It is so helpful to see the whole vision come together and make sure you’re confident in all of the decisions.
  • Get instructions for how to bustle the dress! Record a video of the seamstress bustling your dress and explaining what she is doing. Take a picture of what it looks like bustled so you know what it is supposed to look like. Better yet if your mom, maid of honor or a personal attendant joins so that multiple people know how it is supposed to go which makes the wedding day a breeze!
  • Hair Style: If you haven’t done a hair trial yet, this can be the day to schedule it so you that you can see how it will lay with the dress and make any adjustments as desired.

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